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What We Do
Filcro Legal Staffing
Recruitment Practices

Filcro Legal Staffing provides recruitment services to law firms and corporate business affairs environments for local, regional, national and multinational practices.









The firm identifies and recruits varied levels of legal personnel, support staff and the leadership necessary to manage, operate and develop law offices in domestic and international markets.


Since the firm's founding in 1985 Filcro Legal Staffing has provided law firms with effective recruitment solutions to attract legal professionals and operational staff in highly competitive markets.  The firm also recruits and relocates employees when required, to compensate for market conditions.  The firm recruit for every legal business center in the United States. 


The firm's primary domestic recruitment geographics are New York, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Boston and Atlanta.   

Legal Support Staff
Law Firm Operations
Information Technology

Litigation Support

Accounting / Finance
Human Resources
Marketing / Business Dev


Alumni Programs
Corp Communications


Filcro Legal Staffing proactively recruits.  The firm sources candidates utilizing best practices to bring search assignments to fruition in a timely manner.  By utilizing diverse recruitment modalities, Filcro Legal Staffing sets the cadence for a search vs. waiting for results or market conditions.  The firm's efficacy is equally expeditious for regional and multinational law firms. 

Assessment Services

Based on the experience and skills required, Filcro Legal Staffing utilizes proprietary and industry standard assessments during the evaluation of candidates.   Scenario driven interviews are complemented by PC based skill and reasoning testing.  The results of these evaluations are weighted by honed legal recruitment professionals with expertise in their respective practice groups.  

Curated Client Based Recruitment Solutions

Filcro Legal Staffing also provides client-based recruitment solutions curated to meet the exact needs of regional, national and international law firms.  

A number of law firms that utilize Filcro Legal Staffing have cyclical hiring, training, alumni and new business development initiatives that require pro-active recruitment programs throughout the United States.   Filcro Legal Staffing adheres to each client's required cadence and expends the resources to meet each law firm's annual recruitment needs supplementing our 24/7/365 programs.   To learn more about these services you can contact our New York offices for national or regional coverage.     

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