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Please note:  Filcro Legal Staffing is by appointment only.  Thank you

Law Firm Employers & Hiring Managers
for New York and Silicon Valley

Filcro Legal Staffing now TriPoint Search offers specialized legal recruitment groups. To speak with a  representative with expertise related to your hiring objectives, contact Mary Suneetha as noted. Thank you.

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Employer Contact


Mary Suneetha

Managing Director & CEO
TriPoint Search / Filcro Legal Staffing 
New York, NY 10017


Employer Email w/attachments

Shannon Kay
Mary Suneetha Filcro Legal Staffing.jpg
Mary Suneetha - Filcro Legal Staffing
Legal Professionals Seeking Emloyment

TriPoint Search / Filcro Legal Staffing offers job listings of current legal job openings by category, location, salary and job description. Please use the skill and experience links on this site to navigate to your career area(s) of interest. OR

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