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Filcro Legal Staffing offers regional, national and international law firms intimate cost-effective specialized recruiting of marketing, new business development, and corporate communications personnel to bring your business goals to fruition.

The cost effectiveness, immediacy, and efficacy of internal new business and communication practices are facilitated by the identification, recruitment, and attraction of honed legal industry professionals dedicated exclusively to your firm's objectives.


The constant engagement and execution of internal new business, marketing, and corporate communication programs are the only proven methods of increasing law firm revenue organically while lowering costs.


Filcro Legal Staffing can offer a conservative robust multinational solution to your firm's marketing and NBD needs by recruiting a single change agent or an entire team to make your firm's business goals a reality.  These professionals can be based anywhere in the United States.


From a law firm Director of Marketing & Communications to a Manager of New Business Development or a CRM Coordinator, Filcro Legal Staffing can identify, qualify, recruit and attract the qualified personnel and leadership required, expeditiously.


If your firm requires practice specific or industry specific experience, augmented by attraction from a major legal industry business center, Filcro Legal Staffing has extensive experience guiding these efforts and bringing them to fruition.   The recruitment of an NBD Director dedicated to M&A in New York from the technology sector, requiring relocation to San Francisco, would be an example of a national search assignment.  A Marketing Manager focused on Fortune 50 IP clients in US and ASIA markets to be based in New York, is also, a common practice. Perhaps your law firm wants to augment your CRM, ideation or internal communication programs; Filcro Legal Staffing will be the catalyst required. 


To learn more about Filcro Legal Staffing's specialized recruitment services in New York or Silicon Valley for law firm marketing, corporate communications and or new business development, please contact:


Mary Suneetha
Senior Director
Filcro Legal Staffing
New York, NY 


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